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You got up, and walked out of the messhall. Wherever you could go to get away from it all. The begging of Sasha, arguing of Jean and Eren, flirting of Reiner and occasionally Jean, the rambling from Connie. It was all too much for you right now, so you made your way over to Hanji's office, she told you that if you needed to talk or calm down then you could go to her. You had to admit you thought of Hanji as a mother figure, or perhaps a big sister, and she knew it herself. On the way down the hallways, you had heard something, and you-being the curious person you are- decided to check it out. 

It was then you found it.

Humanity's Strongest Soldier, Lance Corporal Levi, holding an injured kitten. And caring for it. Treating it's wounds. 'Who the hell are you and what have you done with the Corporal?!' You thought, 'God I must be dreaming, why the hell would the stone-cold Corporal be acting like this for a kitten?!' You couldn't even think right now, all that you could do was simply stare at the sight before you. 'The same Corporal that 'seemingly' felt nothing when he saw his comrades die, but now...with a kitten....he's acting like a little kid...' You shook your head in frustration then proceeded to walk to Hanji's office.

Without even having to knock, Hanji didn't even need you to, as you were pulled into an immediate embrace. "Hey, Hanji." You smiled.

"Who is it?" She asked upon seeing your face.

"H-Huh?!" You asked, blinking.

"You're all red [f/n]! So who's the lucky guy?" She smirked.

"I-I am?! O-Oh, I just saw Shorty treating an injured kitten and got really before that, Reiner and Jean took the flirting just a tad too far." You explained.

"Wait wait wait. You saw Shorty treating an injured kitten?!" Hanji looked at you in disbelief.

"I did! I'm not lying! Just gimme some paperwork for him or something so I can go confront him!" You whined. Hanji laughed then nodded.

"Alright, alright. Here. I was gonna take it myself anyway. Might as well have you take it. Tell me how it goes~!" You took the paperwork off her and smiled before turning on your heels for Levi's office.


Knock, Knock, Knock. (Knock, Knock, Knocky Knock Knock. I'm sorry I'm crazy.)

"Who is it?" He asked.

"Cadet, [f/n][l/n]. I've got paperwork from Squad Leader Hanji." You waited outside for about 3 minutes and heard some rustling on the other side of the door and a "Meow." then silence.

"Come in." He muttered. You set the paperwork down on his desk.

"Sir?" You looked at him.

"What?" He asked.

"I couldn't help but notice you took some time to say --" "Meow." You heard. "Huh?" You looked around.

"You couldn't help but notice I took some time to say what, Cadet?" He prompted you.

"O-Oh, I meant to say, I couldn't help but notice you took some time to say 'Come in.'" You answered.

"I was busy." He lied.

"And I could have sworn I just heard a 'Meow', Sir." He looked at you.

"Are you sure you haven't gone crazy, Cadet? Maybe you've been spending too much time with Shitty Glasses." You rolled your eyes.

"It's Hanji, and yes, I'm sure I haven't gone crazy." He 'tch'ed.

"Hearing cat noises isn't a normal everyday thing, [l/n]." You looked at him, and raised your brow.

"You seriously didn't hear it?" He shook his head before- "Meow." "You must have heard it then!" You protested. He shook his head again.

"You should go to the infirmary. Your head might need checking out." He said to you, you internally growled, He must be lying! I know for a fact I heard a cat, plus! I saw him with it before! you thought. "If that's all you wanted, you should be getting back to Shitty Glasses." You growled externally this time, only quietly though. "Yes, sir." You nodded before giving him a salute and out you were, making your way back to Hanji.


Not even bothering to knock, you walked in her office and slumped yourself on her chair. Hanji looked at you curiously then asked, "How'd it go?" You looked up at her and huffed.

"Could have been better." You rolled your eyes with a sigh. "He had the nerve to call me crazy, when I know for a fact he heard the Meowing!" Your hands balled into fists.

"Woahhh! Calm down [f/n]. Shorty would never admit to helping a kitten, it would hurt that huge head of his." You laughed at that.

"But he can't deny it when I know I saw him with one! He was acting like a little--" You were cut off.

"Kid?" The cold voice said. Your [e/c] orbs immediately widened.

"C-Corporal..." You stopped slumping and straightened yourself up. "I-I--"

"What's up Shorty?" Hanji chirped in, Levi's gaze never left yours.

"I came to return the finished paperwork, Shitty Glasses." Hanji walked over, right past him, and out the door. 'GOD DAMMIT HANJI!' Now it was just you and the Corporal, and not a happy Corporal at that. "So you saw me with the cat then?" He suddenly spoke up, closing the door with a click.

"Y-Yes, sir.." You nodded slowly.

"No point in denial then." You looked up at him, his eyes seemed to have softened.

"H-Huh?" You blinked.

"If you saw me, then there's no point in me trying to deny it. Now come on." He said grabbing your wrist and picking you up off the chair, walking you to his office. 


When inside you saw the kitten sleeping in a bundle of blankets laid out neatly under his desk. "Sir," He hummed in response, closing the door and going over to where the kitten was. "Why do you have the kitten? I thought pets weren't allowed in HQ?" You cocked your head to the side slightly.

"I found her, she wouldn't let me go on without her, so I picked her up and found out she had an injured paw. You must have seen me while I was getting something to treat her, right?" He looked up at you and you nodded, crouching down next to the sleeping bundle of fluff.

"That's really sweet Corporal." You smiled, as the kitten moved around in it's sleep. Without another second, you felt something warm on your lips, to find out it was the Corporal himself, you always had a crush on him and thus you melted into the kiss. 'THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!' He pulled away when he heard Meowing signalling the kitten was awake. You sat there in shock.

"I think she'll be called [f/n]." You blinked and looked at him. 'The hell are you and what have you done with the Corporal?!'

"S-Sir?" You blinked.

"You're dismissed [l/n]." You walked for the door but were stopped for a brief moment by the Corporal's words, "Don't tell any of your bratty mates. All you'll get is denial." You looked at him and smiled before you walked out.

"Yes, sir."
Request for :iconfuwaxfuwa: Hope it's okay!!!!

Shorty(ohgodsosorrylevipleasedontkillmeiloveyousomuchpleaseiprobablywouldbetallerthanyouirlbutstillimsorry): Hajime Isayama
You: Shorty

*runsawayfromaveryangrycorporal* I SAID I WAS SORRY!
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